Public relations

Public relations · 22. February 2018
The key to successful networking, it appears, is not trying to sell you services. Instead, it's about helping others sell theirs. I've been reading a fascinating little book that has certainly changed the way I approach networking.
Public relations · 06. February 2018
It’s more important than ever for businesses to look beyond simple media profile and establish mutually-beneficial relationships with a range of stakeholders. Helping your employees with their personal branding and serving audiences in specific areas can reap rewards.
Public relations · 13. December 2017
Whenever one’s faced with a communications crisis, whatever the time of year, it’s important to take a step back and give yourself space to think about the situation. Don’t be pressured into meeting a journalist's deadline - you shouldn't answer any questions until you’ve given them due consideration. It's okay to ask for more time.


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