Public relations

Encompassing old media and new, I provide a cost-effective way to equip your organisation with a press office and social media function, helping you to use a range of channels to get your message in front of target audiences.


I'll help you map an effective approach to communications strategy, in order to: develop key messages around your brand and offering; define your target audiences and understand your market; choose the most effective platforms; and identify communications opportunities and challenges. 


Whether it's a business feature, web content, social media posts or a meaty white paper, I will ensure you find the right tone of voice for your organisation and deliver engaging copy that resonates with your target audiences.

China communications support

If you're looking to raise awareness of a product or service in China, then I can help with public relations, social media, translation, SEO and web development. I have extensive contacts across the Middle Kingdom in the media sector and business.

Additionally, I speak, read and write Mandarin and can advise on culture and custom. 

Funeral profession PR

With many consumers now using digital platforms to find a good funeral director, the need to convey the right messages online, be it through your website or social media, has never been greater. I can help you get the right information in the best tone of voice to people using modern communications tools.      

Crisis communications

At times of negative media publicity, it's essential to seek support and counsel of a fresh pair of eyes, in order to give you an insight into how the problem might appear to the outside world. I'll hold your hand through a crisis and help you put together a plan to recover your reputation.